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I am a young agricultural enthusiast focused on spreading the "Colorful" world of Agriculture.

Involved with an amazing group of other Calgary Stampede Summer Synergy Youth who are committed to promoting Agricultural to others. I was introduced to blogging in participation for the Summer Synergy Marketing Campaign, which has truly inspired me.

I am excited to share my thoughts, comments, on serious and fun aspects of Agriculture. I hope that if you have an opinion on my subject matter, that you will leave a comment - I want to know how you feel, from both my agriculture and urban friends. Lets have some fun, relive some memories, make new memories and talk about what really matters most - help spread the word of Agriculture.

Get your boots out, dust them off, and join me in adding a bit of color to Agriculture!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Hello World - Artificial Insemination  Check our the amazing article for artificial insemination I found in the “2011 Beef Sire Directory”!

The article is actually very obtainable and understandable. I think if we got this information around into the urban public eye I think it will show people how advanced agriculture has become. 

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